Go Girl Ep. 78: Are You Having Butterflies Or Is It Really Anxiety? Red Flags vs Green Flags, and Toxic Dating Advice

Hey, girls!

Everyone wants love but sometimes we attract the wrong partner because we ignore red flags. There was a trend last week on Twitter where people shared red flags. I even participated in the madness on the Go Girl Instagram page, but I wanted to take it a step further.

I brought in dating coach, Kristina, to talk about red flags vs green flags. She had a viral post on Tik Tok which received over 10 million views about butterflies vs anxiety. Sometimes having a “spark” when you first meet someone isn’t a good thing.

Listen in to our girl talk about trusting your gut even in the beginning of a relationship, toxic dating advice and signs that you’re in a healthy, loving relationship.

By the way, share your #1 red flag below!

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