Go Girl Ep. 70: How To Get Over an Ex and Heal Your Heartbreak + More ft The Break Up Bestie

The pandemic tested a lot of relationships, right?! Some people got married, some people started a new relationship, some people reunited with an ex, and some people broke up. Now how do you deal with a heartbreak during a pandemic? Don’t worry! I have girl talk with Kendra Allen, the Break Up Bestie on this week’s episode of the Go Girl Podcast! She guides you to see your break up as a blessing and is the host of the Heal Your Heartbreak podcast. She’s a coach, confidant, best friend, and lends support to women everywhere going through heartbreak.

After going through a series of unhealthy relationships and tough break ups in her 20’s, Kendra dedicated herself to figuring out what it takes to go through a break up with dignity, grace, and growth. Now it’s Kendra’s mission in life to help women like you see break ups not as an end but as a beautiful opportunity to get to know yourself, love yourself, and rediscover what you want and deserve in a relationship.

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Listen in as we discuss what to do when they come back (because they always do!), should you be friends with an ex, and how to let of of what could have been. Also, should you be friends with an ex or go no contact?

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