Listen to Kendrick Lamar’s New Feel Good Song, “i”

kendrick lamarKendrick Lamar dropped a new hot track today, titled “i.” It’s getting mixed reviews on Soundcloud but I think the track is pretty dope. Remember when Pharrell released “Happy” and everyone was in a positive, upbeat, mood and hella happy? The same could be true for this new Lamar single. Here are some of the lyrics:

I done been through a whole lot
Trial, tribulations, but I know God
Satan wanna put me in a bow-tie
Praying that the holy water don’t go dry
As I look around me
So many mother*ckers wanna down me
But ain’t no n*gga never drown me
In front of a dirty double-mirror they found me
And I love myself

I can hear everyone chanting “I love myself” right now. Good stuff.  The track samples Isley Brothers “Who’s That Lady”. Take a listen below.

What do you think of the song?

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