Remembering Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

We “Never Can Say Goodbye” to Michael Jackson! Today marks five years since his passing. Check out some of his live performances.

Ashley Caprice

You can ask almost any music artist or dancer, “Who is one of your influences?” And no matter the genre, age,  race or sex, most entertainers mention Michael Jackson at the top of their list.

Michael Jackson was, in my opinion, the best entertainer ever.  Many fans would put on socks and attempt to moonwalk on the kitchen floor (Don’t act like I was the only one!) …People would wear white socks with penny loafers…People would practice his dance moves in the mirror…People would mock MJ’s sound “Yee hee…woooo” …People would wear one glove…People would wear a hat similar to the artist…I would always imagine I was the model strutting in my heels in the video, “The Way You Make Me Feel” video…I performed Thriller with thousands of MJ fans in the Thrill The World  dance at L.A. Live  in 2009. He was often imitated, but NEVER duplicated…Almost everyone wanted to be like Mike!

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