rob and ezSuch a sad day in hip hop. Rodney Bryce, also known as DJ E-Z Rock, has passed away. He was 46. The cause of death is unknown but was confirmed by a spokesperson for Rob Base to Rolling Stone.

The hip-hop duo from Harlem, New York, is best known for their 1988 single, “It Takes Two.” The catchy track still gets people moving on the dance floor and can be heard in films such as Love & Basketball.

I saw the duo perform a few years ago and the crowd went insane as soon as Rob Base rapped, “I want to rock right now. I’m Rob Base and I came to get down!” Fans joined in. The energy was high. The bass was bumping. It looked like everyone in the venue was out of their seat and rapping along.

DJ E-Z Rock will be missed, but his music will still live on.

“Cause Rob is in the front, EZ Rock is on the back-up.” It Takes Two

Watch the duo perform Joy & Pain live!




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