Madame Noire’s Destination LA: My Interview with Chante Moore

chante moore

In the third episode of Madame Noire’s Destination LA,  I had lunch at Te’Kila with R&B singer, Chante Moore. She was very spunky and fun which was totally different than I expected since her music is very chill. She just released her sixth album, Moore is More and says, “it’s very autobiographical…it’s really personal. So if you want to know what’s happened in my life in the last 5 years…the stuff I can’t talk about, but I will sing about it.” Watch episode three* to see what else she says about her music and the VH1 show, R&B Divas.

Watch episode four * where Moore tells us about her new man and if she’d ever date or marry another celebrity. Plus, me and Madame Noire’s Deputy editor, Brande Victorian, had fun with “Johnny Depp,” Pop-lockers and more at the Hollywood & Highland shopping center!

*-Click link to watch episode.

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