A Few of My Thoughts After Watching CrazySexyCool, the TLC Story

tlc CrazySexyCool, the TLC Story, premiered on VH1 last night and I’m sure 90s babies went back down memory lane! We grew up listening to many girl groups, including TLC!  I decided to share a few thoughts about the biopic and to clear some things up.

1) I’m sure Pebbles is mad that social networks exist right now. Most of us knew about the TLC bankruptcy and shady financial business. Now, people are attacking Pebbles on Twitter and Instagram. The photos are hilarious but so wrong! Here is a picture T-Boz reposted on her Instagram page:

tboz instagram

2) I’m happy for Lil Mama. I’ve always liked her because she seems to have a positive spirit, but people always give her a hard time during her career. She was a judge on America’s Best Dance Crew and people always questioned her credibility as though she didn’t have a dance choreography background. Then she was judged for running on the stage during Jay-Z and Alicia Keys 2009 MTV, Video Music Awards performance. It was a little uncalled for, but people started doubting Lil Mama’s career because of that incident. So I’m glad she was able to shine as Lisa “Left Eyes” Lopes in the TLC Biopic to hush up the naysayers and get people talking again…but about something positive. Go Girl!

3) I’m happy that the younger generation got to witness some classic R&B music. TLC set trends. The group was empowering. They showed that you can still be sexy while wearing baggy, fun, clothing. They were comfortable with their sexuality *cues Take Our Time, Red Light Special,This is How it Works .* They had class and sass and if you grew up in the 90s you could identify with and want to emulate, TLC.

To clear some things up:

I saw a photo floating around about Usher not being mentioned in the movie. That would have been very unnecessary considering he was not in the picture during that time. Usher and Chili got together after Left Eye passed away which is where the movie ended.

People assume that the movie wasn’t big enough to hit theaters, but Chili mentioned in an interview that it was their decision to have the movie on VH1 because “There’s more longevity in TV. They will show this movie for the next 30 years like they did the Temptations and The Jacksons…”

Lastly, TLC is STILL one of the best-selling female groups of all time. Get it!

The ladies in the film did an awesome job portraying the original members and they told the story well!  I was all good until they started singing Meant to Be and showing real footage at the end of the film *teardrop*… What did you think about the TLC Story?

Live performances below:

What’s your favorite song by TLC? Album? Memory?


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