Fellas, Please Stop…

stopNow there are plenty of blogs, magazines, movies, books, classes, yada yada, telling women what to do and what NOT to do to keep their man. Sigh. Let us live.

So I want to flip the script and talk to the fellas.  And let them know what they should STOP doing. Please…just stop.

1) Please stop asking, “Send me a pic.” Siiiiiiigh. No. Just no. There are women who don’t mind sending pics to random guys. I’m sure most of the “models” on Instagram send guys photos all day, err’ day. But if you JUST meet a woman and you request a photo within ummm…one or two days of meeting her then please exit stage left. Don’t ask for pics before you ask her on a date. I asked one guy if he was trying to make a photo album or something, lol. Isn’t everyone on Facebook or Twitter these days anyway? I’m sure your new friend has plenty of photos on there. 😉

2) Please stop thinking every woman wants to  marry you. Dang, did I bruise your ego? Seriously, though. Some women date for fun. You might just be Mr. “Right Now” until her “Mr. Right” comes along…dang, I did it again huh? But relax. Have fun. Chill out.

3) Please stop asking to hang out when you’re clearly in a relationship. It’s this weird thing going on where men don’t respect their relationship. If a woman has to remind you that you’re in a relationship then you need to reevaluate said relationship. Again, I know some women have a “well if he doesn’t care about his relationship then why should I?” mentality…I get it. But every woman doesn’t share that way of thinking.

4) Please have a conversation before asking for her number. One guy approached me and just asked, “Can I give you my number?”  Do women fall for that? If so then I need to make a list for y’all too! lol. The guy didn’t know my name or anything. I was so confused. Guys….it’s so simple. Introduce yourself, ask for our name, make us laugh, ask if we’re single and that’s it. If she has a man…RESPECT it and keep it pushing. If she doesn’t, then ask could you call her some time…get the number and keep it pushing. Let me know how this works 😉

5) I asked my Twitter and Facebook friends what men should stop doing and here are a few of their replies: PLEASE STOP sagging, being inconsistent and playing games!

Feel free to add more to the list in the comments section below.

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  1. Great post! Made me LOL literally. I can think of a couple more to add. For one, STOP asking, “when we gon kick it??” Umm idk, maybe after you take me on a series of dates and we determine if this should advance to the, ‘I feel comfortable kicking it with you’ stage! Lol ok sorry, I’m done venting #petpeeve

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