My Thoughts on Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream


I went to a private, advance screening of Beyonce’s HBO film, “Life is But a Dream.” I rarely see Beyonce interviews so to be honest, I felt like I didn’t know her even though she’s been in the music industry for YEARS. Beyonce has always been a great performer. She gives 100% dedication, time, energy, and creativity to each performance. So there was never a doubt that the girl has talent. But she’s VERY private, so people speculate about her personal life. I feel like it’s important for celebrities to keep a part of their life private, but Beyonce was so closed in that I felt like I couldn’t relate to her as a person until I saw her HBO documentary.

The film revealed the real Beyonce. She was affectionate with her beautiful daughter, Blue Ivy. She was intimate with her husband, Jay-Z. She’s family oriented.  She was emotional. She laughed. She cursed. She was outspoken when it came to business matters. She was open. She was scared. She was fierce.  She’s a performer.  She was a woman. She has her flaws. She has fears. She opened up about rumors. About being in the public eye. About having a miscarriage. About having a baby. About firing her father as her manager. About being a woman. About being a mother. About being a wife. She’s…Beyonce…and she usually comes off as trying to be “perfect” but I appreciated her rawness in this film which airs this Saturday, February 16 on HBO. Check out the trailer below.

Are you going to watch the documentary?

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