BET Music Matters: Lipstick On The Mic

bet music matters

On Friday, February 8, 2013, celebrities came out to the BET Music Matters Showcase – Grammy Edition at the Belasco Theatre in Los Angeles. The “Lipstick On The Mic” event featured performances by Marsha Ambrosius, Elle Varner, Leah Labelle, Stacy Barthe and Ravaughn.

R&B Soul artist Elle Varner was one of the first to be a part of BET Music Matters back in 2010. She says,  “I think it’s a wonderful program that they put together. They have such incredible artists and I’m so honored that they chose me for it and I’m glad to be apart of it.” She’s now nominated for R&B Song of the Year at this year’s Grammy Awards and said it is “the highlight” of her career right now.

elle Varner

I got a chance to speak with more artists on the red carpet and asked “Why does music matter to you?” Read what they had to say.

Soul artist Bilal:Music matters to me because it’s what I do. It helps me to express myself. Music is a Universal thing and it brings everybody together.”

Digital Camera

Compound University/Columbia Records new R&B artist, Ravaughn: “Music matters to me because it allows me to tell my story and allows me to express myself. Other people might express their self through writing, music, acting, theatre…but mine is through music and that’s why it matters to me.” (Sidenote: Ravaughn and I went to High School together, so I’m so proud of her and her success. I can’t wait to see her grow in this industry!)

Digital Camera

The Voice Finalist, Trevin Hunte: “Music is everything to me. I was told I wouldn’t become anything so I would always run to music. Music was always that thing that got me through everything that I went through while growing up.”

Digital Camera

“Snap Back & Tattoos” artist, Driicky Graham: “Music matters cause this is my life! This is my career and my path.”

Driicky Graham

R&B Singer, Mel Buckley:Music is a form of expression. I think a lot of times a lot of kids don’t have that venue to say how they feel or what they feel about a certain situation so music gives them a platform to do that.”

Mel Buckley

Celebrity Make-Up artist, AJ Crimson: “Music is inspiration. Music is energy. Music is art. Music is beauty. It’s color…and that’s what I like about it. It could be everything, anything.”

Digital Camera

Now I ask you, the reader…Why does music matter to YOU?

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