Faith Without Works is DEAD.

You won’t SHINE until you GRIND.

I work as a radio show producer at Hot 92.3 in Los Angeles. So many people on the outside looking in are fascinated with the entertainment industry. They see the glitz and glam, but not the grind. Before I became a producer, I was on the street team…the entry-level position at any radio station. I was lifting 50 pound speakers over my head, assembling tents, working holidays, weekends and every shift. I’m talking about overnight (12a-5a) Morning show (5a-10a) Midday (10a-2p) Afternoon (2p-7p) or Late nights (7p-midnight). I did it all. I’ve slept on studio floors after working a shift so that I could be around when the night personality would come in so I could learn his duties. I’ve shadowed people in almost every position. I’ve stayed overtime, come in to work early, and filled in for others. I knew I wanted to work in radio so I did everything necessary to climb the ladder from street-team assistant to producer.

Faith Without Works is dead.

I gave you a little back story about myself so that you know in ANY industry that you want to excel in, you MUST put in the work. You only get what you give. You can have all of the faith in the world. You can believe something will happen for you, but are you taking the necessary steps to get there? Nothing will happen unless you put ACTION behind what you BELIEVE.  When someone says “I love you”, you want to believe them, but you’d rather SEE that they love you through his/her actions, right? The same is true for your goals. Don’t talk about it…be about it 😉  You can’t just say “I want to be successful” and expect success to fall in your lap. Don’t compare your situation to someone else in your field because everyone has a different path towards success. You must know that your success doesn’t happen overnight (unless you’re lucky). Sometimes it could seem like it’s taking forever for your dream to become a reality…but don’t watch the clock. Instead, continue to learn, grow, and perfect your craft so that you’re prepared for your opportunity.

Never get comfortable.

Someone is always waiting to take your spot. The recent college graduate, the person with more experience, the person who was just laid off…they’re all waiting for YOUR spot. If you ever feel like you’re getting comfortable, then learn something new at your job. The more skills you acquire, the better. Don’t think any job is too small…just do it. You never know who’s watching you.

Overall, you have to work for what you want. Don’t worry about proving your abilities to others, prove it to yourself! Now go get your blessing! 😉

Yo Faith ain’t never small…that’s what brought you this far
See you got your dreams and you got your prayers and you got Yo God he gone take you there! ~ Go Get It, Mary Mary


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