Break The Cycle…in Relationships.

Man dates girl. Everything is great. Man gets heart broken. Man never opens his heart the same again.

Woman dates guy. Everything is great. Woman gets heart broken. Woman never opens her heart the same again.

So what are we  stuck with? Heartbroken men and women who try to move on and date again. But now what? It’s hard for them to trust other people. It’s hard for them to open up to the next person. It’s hard for them to love like they used to. They’re carrying baggage…all because of their past, failed relationships.

Every person is NOT the same. Just because someone did you wrong in the past does not mean the next person will behave the same way. We must learn that life has it’s ups and downs. So some relationships last forever…and unfortunately, some relationships don’t. LEARN your lesson from EVERY relationship and MOVE ON.

Break the cycle.

~Ashley Caprice

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  1. I feel like a song should be playing in the background… Mya “Moving On”? lol I love it when people recognize that everyone is NOT the same. What don’t breaks us makes us stronger- Brittney Spears “Stronger”. lol 🙂 Good point!

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