Ginuwine Talks Leaked Photos, New Music + More!

So if you don’t know, I’m Ginuwine’s #1 fan. No, really. I’ve been a fan since 1996!  I used to record his videos on VHS (when that was around), had posters on my walls, wrote to Ricki Lake and Oprah to try and meet him, created a website for him…it was a problem! BUT, I’ve grown up. We’ve met plenty of times now and I’ve gone from crying fan to interviewing Ginuwine at our V101 Throwback Holiday Jam!

Here’s the interview of me telling Ginuwine I’m his #1 Fan + he opens up about new music and leaked photos.

Backstage at our V101 Throwback Holiday Jam!

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Baby Bash Making New Music with E-40, Talks IE Salsa Festival + MORE!

I got to chat it up with the “whole enchilada” a.k.a. Baby Bash! He performed at 99.1 Kggi’s first annual Inland Empire Salsa Festival where he played his classic hits! Attendees heard “Suga, Suga,” “Cyclone,” “Shorty Doowop,” and more live! If you missed out, don’t fret. Baby Bash said he’s coming every year! Listen to our interview below!

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