Shelley Mechette’ Talks The PowHERful Woman’s Conference

powHerful woman 1Shelley Mechette’ is a Motivational Speaker and the Founder of The PowHERful Woman’s Conference taking place on March 19th  at the Antioch Church of God in Long Beach.

The 1-day conference is designed to empower, encourage and uplift women from all walks of life. Keynote speakers range from business owners to life coaches who will discuss balancing life and career, self-esteem, and how to value YOU.

When it comes to everyday things women can do to come together, Shelley says, “The first thing that we need to be able to do is respect one another.” Very true!

Listen in to the interview on what else you can expect from The PowHERful Woman’s Conference:

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How to Be a Girl Camp

How to Be a Girl...

I had the honor of helping Josefa Salinas, Community Affairs Director for Hot 92.3, with her annual How to Be a Girl Camp. Me and a few others stayed overnight at California State University, San Bernardino, for 4 days and 3 nights to help counsel, guide and mentor over 30 girls ages 11-17, to become young ladies. We were up at 6am and had activities lined up until 10pm. We all came together to take the young women through everything they need to know to be confident, well put together and ready to present themselves to the world.

The camp included classes on health, finance, personal development and life skills! The girls tackled visual poise, public speaking, personal finance, healthy relationships, hair, makeup, wardrobe and the ultimate class: Girl 101 and much more!

This isn’t the first time I’ve helped with the How to Be a Girl Camp and it will not be the last. It was such a rewarding experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat! I urge everyone to get involved in their community and help guide young children. What ever knowledge you pass on to one child can be passed on from them to another child. Each one teach one!

The M3 I’m Amazing Movement! Get Involved on Social Media!

keep-calm-cause-i-m-amazingBrooke Brown is the Founder of The Miss Mini Mogul Association (M3) based in Orlando, Fl. The program is dedicated to teaching young girls how to become successful young ladies. Brown focuses on etiquette, manners, responsibility, effective communication, dealing with anger, and more.

On Tuesday, November 12th, Brown wants to take over social media with the I’m Amazing movement! We all use social networks to connect and communicate with others, so let’s use the sites to uplift and empower young women!

Check out how you can get involved!

What exactly are the details of the M3 I’m Amazing Movement?

On November 12th we are saying I’m amazing, AND MEANING IT! On the Miss. Mini Mogul fan page and the M3 I’m Amazing Movement fan page  all day we are asking for all girls from 6-21 years old to post a picture holding up a sign, or printed on the picture “I’M AMAZING!” On Instagram, post a pic or video saying I’m amazing using the hashtag #M3ImAmazing.  On Twitter, tweet pics or simply I’m Amazing and make sure you hashtag #M3ImAmazing! Lets make this a social media takeover! Share this event with as many young girls as you can! Parents, get your daughters involved, youth leaders get your organizations involved, mentors get your mentees involved, aunts and uncles get your nieces involved, Godparents get your God-daughters involved, friends get your friends involved! Lets make this event awesome and EPIC! A worldwide day of self-love will be simply AMAZING, and so are you!

What inspired the M3 I’m Amazing Movement?

The M3 I’m Amazing Movement was inspired by the rash of cyber bullying and ill way that social media is being used by our young ladies. Here, in Florida, a young lady killed herself due to a pair of other girls calling her derogatory names and telling her that she has no use on this earth. I’m thinking, “She didn’t know she was amazing? She didn’t know that her presence on this earth was necessary, and her life had a purpose?” Sadly, the answer is no. My heart hurts for these young ladies! In their minds, their worth is predicated on what others think. On this day, and everyday going forward self proclamations need to be made that “I’m Amazing!” Despite what rappers, society, the “others” and anybody else says….. I’m Amazing!

How can people get involved?

People can get involved by sharing the page: Miss. Mini Mogul or M3 I’m Amazing Movement, and calling all little girls and young ladies that they know to get involved in this movement!

What would you like participants to take away from the movement?

I would like the participants to take away a new sense of self-worth, self-love and self-pride. To know that despite what was said to you or what was done to you, you my beautiful child, are still amazing!

What if I’m over 21, can I still participate?

If you are over 21 please stay tuned, your turn is coming soon! This event is targeted for the young girls!

 Where can people connect with the movement?

People can connect with me through the Facebook page: Miss. Mini Mogul, M3 I’m Amazing Movement or  email me:

I’m all about inspiring others, so I believe this movement is AMAZING, easy and necessary! For more information about the foundation, check out the website: Miss Mini Mogul Association.

Conversations With Caprice: Rooted For Life Mentoring Program

Rooted For Life (RFL) Mentoring Program’s Mission Statement is as follows: “Rooted For Life is an educationally based nonprofit committed to enhancing the lives of our Community’s Youth, through integrity building programs, and life skills resources.” And the program offers just that through classes, group outings and guest speakers.

I sat with the RFL Founder, Shelley Jones, to discuss what the program offers and future goals for the organization. Her daughter and scholar, Bree Jones, gave her testimony about RFL and shares advice for future scholars.

I was apart of this amazing program for the 2011-2012 year and it was a rewarding experience. Doing good things for others makes YOU feel good.  So get involved! To contribute, or become a mentor/scholar, please go to www.RootedForLife.Org

Tune in to the conversation.

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